150. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Marc Webb, 2014)

webb, get it right? WEBB? LIKE, WEB? LIKE…. GET IT? WEb…. SPIDERS….. WEB ….. SPIDER———-MAN….. WEBB!!!!!!!

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finallyyyyy in 2012 i was like aw man can’t believe i’ve gotta wait 2 years for the next now i feel exactly the same it was soooooooo good i mean i’ve always been a big fan obviously but super hero films are getting better and better like post avengers has really changed the marvel game. dc need to sort themselves out tbh what are they even playing at like YES tdk trilogy r the best films evah but apart from that cmon… 

anyway i have so much to say probs gonna forget it all it was so funny omfg like peter is a really funny character in the comics but and i hate to compare them it’s just so obvious but tobey maguires peter parker had no humour he was so serious even when he did joke?? but andrew has major charmz or is it just because he is such a MAJORRRR HOTTIE??? cuz he is and omg peter and gwen even if their lil love speeches made me cringe a little i still luv them. 

omg so ok the villians my 2nd and last compare to previous trilogy i was a bit worried that this many villains would be another spider-man 3 situation but i was pleasantly suprised the rhino wasn’t in it much because eh he is a really uninteresting character to me. jamie foxx as electro was really great, before he transformed omg it was so good another actual motive and reason and yeah it was just done well, in a weird way he reminded me of the joker in tdk, not in any way close to greatness i mean cmon now but it was probably on purpose but certain lines he said and that truck flipping over bit i was like i’ve seen this before somewhere brah but hey every super hero film is influenced by tdk so get over it everyone !!!!! OMG. GREEN GOBLIN. MY GUY. i was a bit sad we never got to see norman as goblin but whatever idk his role was more of a cameo but it didn’t matter because I AM IN TRUE LOVE WITH DANE DEHAAN EVEN WITH HIS UGLY GREASY EMO FRINGE i want harry osborn to be my leather clad alcoholic rich bad boi creepy boyfriend but i also wouldn’t mind sweetie indeh peter parker with his blow up, ramones, diiv and the xx posters in his room and converse to be my squeeze too xxxx


but anyway i lovedddddddddd dane as green goblin even if the horrible teeth and nails and hair and ewww!!!! but he is one of my fave actors so as if i ever doubted him anyway but the small ish time he got was so good and I CAN’T WAIT TILL MOVIE NUMBER 3 !!!!!! 

ok. THE BIG MOMENT… everyone whos seen it will know what i mean!! i don’t even wanna type it cuz then IT@S REAL </3 

it was kinda obvious it was gonna happen, it was too perfect, the outfit she was wearing, the fact that she’s not mary jane the fact she has such a bright future lol her dad dying in the last film and appearing thru this BUT i still am sad it happened. and they were such a good couple probs cuz andrew and emma like zomg otp but anyway i feel the fans will find it hard to accept when peter has a new love intrest next movie…. but idk whatever

anyway i enjoyed this movie a lot even if there was some things i didn’t like… and this has taken me so long to write because i am pampering my beautiful nails but yeah i’ve probs missed a lot out so may come back to re edit

OH I TOTALLY FORGOT THE THING I DIDN’T LIKE… right when she died and then the movie was ending it was just like i thought that was it?? for sure… and then the fucking rhino turns up again like go away mate and that stupid kid was like hey fucking shoot me in the ass with a missile robot rhino do it you shit and i know the point was that he was brave cause of spider-man and he made spider-man brave again but it was like really weird pacing??? and for a minute i thoguht there was gonna be like another 20 mins of movie for a second? also so glad harry was still alive yea babay

sinister six sounds gr8 and from the first two it looks like it’ll go well so we will seeeeeeeeeeeee  but ugh i’m  gonna miss gwen so much

how much of a nerd do i sound right now on a scale of 10


the credits scene…… how dare you play me like that with a promo for your next movie…………………. how. dare. you!!!!!!!!!

149. Sister Act (Emile Ardolino, 1992)

accidentally watched this out of boredom earlier… never seen before… quite funny? idk what to say

i like how she is so famous/nobody else has the name whoopi so that’s all they need on the poster

148. Trainspotting (Danny Boyle, 1996)

obviously seen before cause c’mon who do you think i am but watching tv still soooo yeah/ when i first saw this film i actually disliked it but i think that’s just because i was waaaaay too young and just didn’t even like, understand but i then rewatched years later and liked it, i still don’t think it’s like a masterpiece but still really great

147. The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (Shane Meadows, 2013)

was interested in seeing this cause shane meadows and it was on tv so yeah… actually a pretty great band documentary i actually feel i know something substantial about the stone roses now so well done shane !!!!! even tho they had their trubz they really MEAN something special to some people you know and that’s like, cute ? LOL

146. Downfall / Der Untergang (Oliver Hirschbiegel, 2004)

very serious but very good and now i’ve finally seen the film with that hitler parody meme thing scene LOL… oh the internet.. how i’ve been on you for too long

wanted to watch diana by hirschbiegel but never got round to it….

145. Pollock (Ed Harris, 2000)

this film has literally been on my watchlist since i got an imdb account which was… july 2011 lol it has been the first one there since then jesus slow play

it was alright, quite a dull movie apart from the actors.. it kept skipping over the important and seemingly interesting bits of his career like wow i could see endless arguments between him and lee krasner but skip the actual period of time in which he became successful ….great….. i didn’t hate the film it was just a little self indulgent which let’s face it if you star in and direct a movie it’s always gonna be.. i guess i wanted to watch it to find some more stuff out about an artist i liked but didn’t get that so dissapointing for me but i can see why some people would like it….

144. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (David Mirkin, 1997)

lol seen before but felt to rewatch cause this film is literally based on me and my best friend even though we were two and hadn’t met yet when it came out

143. All About Steve (Phil Traill, 2009)

oh.. my god

lol i am feeling too rough 4 life cuz my bezzer m8 had a mad house party last night lolz anyway watched this on tv cuz im dying and bradley cooper/??? i can’t believe this film was made in 2009 that is really not long ago enough for a film to be this dated already

so bad… o so bad… i am not in a good enough state to even say why…. just …wow

142. La Belle Personne (Christophe Honoré, 2008)

this has been on my list for so long but i could never find it online with english subtitles so only now have i seen it………. it was ok…. too many characters that all looked similar with dramatic things happening and it was just like… why should i care? the only interesting scenes were with <3 louis and lea <3 but even then the film moved at a glacial pace to get to.. well not much of a point at all…. i didn’t HATE it i was just waiting for it to be over the whole time… 

141. The Man Who Wasn’t There (Joel & Ethan Coen, 2001)

i started watching this on thursday morning…… it’s not even that i’ve been busy which i have it was just hard to get back into it again or something lol true procrastination

i liked the first half much better, the second felt like mostly billy bobz gravelly voice explaining stuff in my ear… but anyway it was stylish obv and something i truly love about joel and ethan is how they’re not afraid to try every genre and it still feels like THEIRS … always……… i only have one ONE coen bros film left… what a journey this has been eh

oh and i guess i quite liked the end but probably on purpose cause the title of the film it was just kind of emotionally distant BUT lol i keep coming back to edit this but imho none of their films are trying to make you feel strong sad emotions at all, more like making a point which this film certainly was… the most emotional of them all is probs a serious man??? if i had to pick… but i like that about them because i can’t stand films made to make you cry…..