294. Green Zone (Paul Greengrass, 2010)

wow what an unchill film

should’ve expected from PG?? but seriously it was so loud and un relaxing like let me, this casual watcher just live their life

293. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (George Roy Hill, 1969)

watched this morning whilst half asleep lol, i love rob n paul they;re just GREAT but i’ve never seen it b4 what kind of film fan am i eh well anyway it wasn’t what i expected at all but i can see why it’s a classic but i am just not a massive fan of western films never have probs never will be….. i haven’t seen that other one but the sting is my fave one featuring those two that movie is amaze

292. Good Morning, Vietnam (Barry Levinson, 1987)

oh yeh this ws on tv the other dy but i forgot to post, VERY not my humour but another lil chunk of robin williams magic ain’t that bad

291. Chaplin (Richard Attenborough, 1992)

watched on tv cause i was curious about rdj in it, i don’t know much at all about charlie chaplin, but this film was kinda cool, found out a bit more him… robert is a really great actor, as much as i adore him in the iron man/sherlock holmes movies etc it’s a bit disheartening he’s got stuck in the same old type of roles, i know he’s done different films apart from those as well but even that new one called the judge didn’t look that exciting but like oh well rdj, u keep doing u bb

290. The One I Love (Charlie McDowell, 2014)

wanted to see this since i saw the trialer and the poster, i can’t put my finger on why but this is one of my favourite film posters in a while, and now i’ve seen the movie i understand and like it more

well i think i relly liked it, i’m not so sure yet, need a bit more of a think, it was like, really interesting and idk in like a personal way and raised a lot of questions n thoughts about relationships or something but i guess not all of them were answered the end was a little abrupt, the cast was great, well those two were like the only cast but like idk they just worked together or something, i have no idea what to say here i think i’d reccomend this movie it’s short and sweet and simple and even though this idea isn’t exactly new it’s in a different way and the script was nice too… yeah

289. Ri¢hie Ri¢h (Donald Petrie, 1994)

randomly watched on tv lol, kinda cute, bit weird

feel like i;ve been stuck on 2_ _ films for ages…….

288. Fight Club (David Fincher, 1999)

FUCK…. me


i have not seen this movie for like 3 fucking years man…

like the rest of the world, i loved this movie, thought it was so amaze, would watch it on the regs ETC

and then one day i realised how disgustingly sick of the whole thing i was and vowed not to watch it for at least a year so i could just take a break from it and it’s overused quotes and skewed perceptions of it, so i did and never felt like watching it……. until now when it was on tv and i was like “ok”

the whole time i was havin such a fucking throwback like i remembered the whole thing but i still enjoyed this watch a lot…. i was just saying how i’ll never with this film and many others ever be able to look at them as an outside work of art and judge wether it’s actually GOOD or not ever because 2 much history lol

but when it ended i was like, even though it’s completely like, ruined, it’s still a pretty great movie I.M.H.B.A.R.O. (in my humble but always right opinion) in technical ways, influence on other films and many other reasons, also to me it introduced me to one of my favourite actors, edward norton and one of my favourite directors, david fincher, so thanks fight club i guess, not gonna feel to watch you again for a long while

287. Iron Man (Jon Favreau, 2008)

just… stil watching tv

seen many times before obviously, but all this time later still a good’un

286. You Only Live Twice (Lewis Gilbert, 1967)


what a strange film this is

as good as a james bond i think sean connery is, i’m now starting to think even though the older ones are like, classic or whatever (although always disgustingly sexist and usually racist) the man playing bond, he never has much of an acting challenge? i’d go as far as to say they could be described as robotic….but in the newer ones, especially pierce and daniel they try to make them more multi dimensional which i really like……. just a thought

285. Dog Day Afternoon (Sidney Lumet, 1975)

watched on tv what a great movie

was tryna tell my friend the other night how amazing sidney lumet and his films are but…. she wasn’t listening

i had this film on dvd but my other friend stole it like a year ago…

why am i cursed with these heathens