300. Confetti (Debbie Isitt, 2006)

watched this on tv as well……. kinda weird kinda funny

299. Re-Animator (Stuart Gordon, 1985)

"did you ever see that movie, where the body’s walking around holding it’s own head?? and then the head goes down on that babe?"


well now i have

298. Frank (Lenny Abrahamson, 2014)

omg i’ve been wanting to see this since i herd about it and yes it was so great so wonderful and weird and hilarious and i don’t have much else to say but it has my seal of approval LOVES IT

297. Grand Central (Rebecca Zlotowski, 2013)

wanted to see this cuz the trailer looked interested and the two main actors really umm yeah not a lot to say was quite good but some bits i didn’t loooveeeee…. worth a watch n all that

296. Chasing Amy (Kevin Smith, 1997)

well i watched this last night with my friend and idk… i was lit as f so i’m this is a bit foggy….. it was on my list to watch so yeah, but oh my god, it was so weird? i kept saying “this is so weird… right?” and my friend was like “yeah… but this is so weird..right?” LOL oh dear anyway idk it was funny at times and i enjoyed watching it for the most part, mostly the first half, and then what the fuck, it got so intense, when ben was telling this woman he loved her i was like firstly, i swear you’ve been hanging out for a week and secondly this is the longest scene i’ve ever watched in my life, he was like girl i love u and she just WOULDN’T REPLY and i was like ????? come the fuck on and then he kept stopping… then he started again like oh my god she heard you the first time and then like shE LEAVES THE CAR WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING but moving on then idek what happened they got together and then he SHOCK HORROR found out she had a threesome and he was literally acting like she was a murderer? i swear thats how he reacted he was asking like eveyrone he knows like what do i do!!!! her past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and those scenes lasted forever, now in no way did i hate this movie, just the characters and these fucking long SPEECHES they made every 5 minutes… that lasted for like 15 mins… ?? i swer down… even when he met jay and silent bob then they went on for like 30 minutes how long was this fucking movie even… and then when he was like oh ur in love with me to his mate and he never even said yes or no just had his head in his hands like….  i was waka flocka for the whole second half of the movie then she rejects the threesome and goes on for like 10 minutes how stupid he was for suggesting it and then i don’t even know i was def too high for this but WHY was her having a lot of sex such a big deal like if it was like an insanely large number for her age maybe he could be a bit like, weirded out but i swear….. MEN!? can’t live with em can’t live without em…. they are so weird, like this movie, SHEESH

i use gifs now, get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

probably will never use gifs again

295. Guardians of the Galaxy (James Gunn, 2014)


omfg i’ve been excited for ths since well even hering about it my A key is STILL kind of broken to bare with me oh now it decides to work how embarassing, anyway then the cast was announced and i was like YESSSSSSSSSS and then i saw the trailer and was like FUCK YES and yeah i saw it yesterday so this isnt an immediate reaction but basically…. it was excellent, i knew i was gonna love it, but not this much, it was just a perfect mix of comedy and action and ugh soooo funny and i love it when marvel movies are a bit more NAUGHTY lol some of those jokes lols ughhh wish i wasn’t writing this so late but i am so there but yes the cast was great, ALL OF THEM i can’t pick just a stand out person although chris pratt did such a good job of peter quill but omfg looool even though i am a lil biased rocket was so joke and i reckon b coop is amaze at voice work and groot is so cute and zoe as gamora <333333333333 basically i have no idea what to say except SEE THIS! if you haven’t already which you probs have, i wanna see it again fuck i can’t wait for the sequel and am so sad there’s not another marvel til avengers 2 </3 but y’know that’ll be worth the wait wow this is a bad “review” idk i don’t liek to call this a review blog as it’s usually just my immediate reaction typed up badly and sometimes i don’t trust m,yself cause sometimes i love a movie then on another watch or a few months later imlike ew?

but anyway moving on such a good script and executed amazingly and just working on this film or one similar or the sequel or w/e is A DREAM… even tho you may not expect this film was so beautiful from groots lil floating light things to star lord’s mask to the collector’s place to gamora, nebula and ronan, and just everything, altho i am slihgtly dissapointed in thanos..?? sorry but i hope they improve him… anywya also one thing which is a bit lame is they have so many oppurtunities with this kind of film to make aliens WEIRD and some where weird but boy the ones that were like boy aliesn painted some colour wearing trousers girl alien another colour with boobs like although some of the characters could be classed as like, nongender i suppose it’s just like, not that imaginative i feel but that’s the only thing also the soundtrack was so great and i am rambling but what a beaut movie guys

294. Green Zone (Paul Greengrass, 2010)

wow what an unchill film

should’ve expected from PG?? but seriously it was so loud and un relaxing like let me, this casual watcher just live their life

293. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (George Roy Hill, 1969)

watched this morning whilst half asleep lol, i love rob n paul they;re just GREAT but i’ve never seen it b4 what kind of film fan am i eh well anyway it wasn’t what i expected at all but i can see why it’s a classic but i am just not a massive fan of western films never have probs never will be….. i haven’t seen that other one but the sting is my fave one featuring those two that movie is amaze

292. Good Morning, Vietnam (Barry Levinson, 1987)

oh yeh this ws on tv the other dy but i forgot to post, VERY not my humour but another lil chunk of robin williams magic ain’t that bad

291. Chaplin (Richard Attenborough, 1992)

watched on tv cause i was curious about rdj in it, i don’t know much at all about charlie chaplin, but this film was kinda cool, found out a bit more him… robert is a really great actor, as much as i adore him in the iron man/sherlock holmes movies etc it’s a bit disheartening he’s got stuck in the same old type of roles, i know he’s done different films apart from those as well but even that new one called the judge didn’t look that exciting but like oh well rdj, u keep doing u bb