148. Trainspotting (Danny Boyle, 1996)

obviously seen before cause c’mon who do you think i am but watching tv still soooo yeah/ when i first saw this film i actually disliked it but i think that’s just because i was waaaaay too young and just didn’t even like, understand but i then rewatched years later and liked it, i still don’t think it’s like a masterpiece but still really great

147. The Stone Roses: Made of Stone (Shane Meadows, 2013)

was interested in seeing this cause shane meadows and it was on tv so yeah… actually a pretty great band documentary i actually feel i know something substantial about the stone roses now so well done shane !!!!! even tho they had their trubz they really MEAN something special to some people you know and that’s like, cute ? LOL

146. Downfall / Der Untergang (Oliver Hirschbiegel, 2004)

very serious but very good and now i’ve finally seen the film with that hitler parody meme thing scene LOL… oh the internet.. how i’ve been on you for too long

wanted to watch diana by hirschbiegel but never got round to it….

145. Pollock (Ed Harris, 2000)

this film has literally been on my watchlist since i got an imdb account which was… july 2011 lol it has been the first one there since then jesus slow play

it was alright, quite a dull movie apart from the actors.. it kept skipping over the important and seemingly interesting bits of his career like wow i could see endless arguments between him and lee krasner but skip the actual period of time in which he became successful ….great….. i didn’t hate the film it was just a little self indulgent which let’s face it if you star in and direct a movie it’s always gonna be.. i guess i wanted to watch it to find some more stuff out about an artist i liked but didn’t get that so dissapointing for me but i can see why some people would like it….

144. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (David Mirkin, 1997)

lol seen before but felt to rewatch cause this film is literally based on me and my best friend even though we were two and hadn’t met yet when it came out

143. All About Steve (Phil Traill, 2009)

oh.. my god

lol i am feeling too rough 4 life cuz my bezzer m8 had a mad house party last night lolz anyway watched this on tv cuz im dying and bradley cooper/??? i can’t believe this film was made in 2009 that is really not long ago enough for a film to be this dated already

so bad… o so bad… i am not in a good enough state to even say why…. just …wow

142. La Belle Personne (Christophe Honoré, 2008)

this has been on my list for so long but i could never find it online with english subtitles so only now have i seen it………. it was ok…. too many characters that all looked similar with dramatic things happening and it was just like… why should i care? the only interesting scenes were with <3 louis and lea <3 but even then the film moved at a glacial pace to get to.. well not much of a point at all…. i didn’t HATE it i was just waiting for it to be over the whole time… 

141. The Man Who Wasn’t There (Joel & Ethan Coen, 2001)

i started watching this on thursday morning…… it’s not even that i’ve been busy which i have it was just hard to get back into it again or something lol true procrastination

i liked the first half much better, the second felt like mostly billy bobz gravelly voice explaining stuff in my ear… but anyway it was stylish obv and something i truly love about joel and ethan is how they’re not afraid to try every genre and it still feels like THEIRS … always……… i only have one ONE coen bros film left… what a journey this has been eh

oh and i guess i quite liked the end but probably on purpose cause the title of the film it was just kind of emotionally distant BUT lol i keep coming back to edit this but imho none of their films are trying to make you feel strong sad emotions at all, more like making a point which this film certainly was… the most emotional of them all is probs a serious man??? if i had to pick… but i like that about them because i can’t stand films made to make you cry….. 

140. Anastasia (Don Bluth & Gary Goldman, 1997)

i read that as gob bluth and gary oldman

i used to watch this when i was lil all the time it was on tv i’m bored so YEAH it was exactly how i remembered it really pretty cute throwback sesh tho

139. J’ai Tué Ma Mère / I Killed My Mother (Xavier Dolan, 2009)

i can’t even remember when i watched this on tv but i forgot to post about it so yeah, was alreet